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Solving million dollar problems with a "Rupee" and a pinch of bliss!

21st century India is a hotbed for “The new American dream” for millennial trying to score a million dollar idea. What India has to offer is far fetched from a million or trillion dollar valuation, it is the wonderland to impact a billion lives.

The reason why Eyes of the World has turned to India is because the idea of capitalism is glooming in the dark. To be really successful as a nation “something” more is required to look above and beyond capitalism. While stopping on the next rail station of your journey spare sometime and go to a railway book stall. Try and pickup any religious text and you might find the reference of the concept “Sat-Chitt-Ananda”. Vedas refer to it as the pure and eternal consciousness of bliss. The true nature of a being is to look inwards and once you have the bliss you will sync with universal consciousness and empathize with a billion people in few seconds. Pause, Breathe and dive into this concept every task would become a poetry, absolutely effortless. This all is reflected in India’s ideologies and the path to becoming superpower of the world. The “9/11 of 1893” when a young boy Swami Vivekananda with a pocket full of words took the world by storm quote “Had it not been for these horrible demons, human society would be far more advanced than it is now”. This simply holds true for eternal centuries to come but let’s kill those de

mons and be ahead of time. You will have to grow inside out, so sorry but strike down Silicon Valley office because sitting there you might project your financial requirement to be Billion dollar but strolling down a mountain in India you might be able to do it with a Rupee and sip of this consciousness.

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