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NeerX App

Track all your farm needs with the NeerX app. 

Make better decisions in the farming business & increase profitability

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Value we add

From sensor and satellite data to advisories, NeerX is a user friendly mobile app platform for farmers, agri-businesses and government

Irrigation and nutrient  management
Spray Scheduling
Pest and Disease Management
Growth and Yield Management
Weather Forecast

How it works

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1. Registration

Onboarding Farmers, Researchers &

Field assistants

Add multiple farms by choosing from more than 50 crops, soil types, cultivation types and farm topology

2. Geofence farms

Accurate walk-by polygon formation

Precise point-by-point location to generate accurate digital twin for your farm

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Phone Screen
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3. Connect SHOOL

Insights in colour coded stress maps for the farm

  • Pair & connect SHOOL with unique ID

  • Retrieve and store data locally and on cloud

  • Generate date specific crop stress map

3 kinds of colour coded maps - 

Moisture map

Salinity Map

Heat Stress map

4. Realtime + Forecast


Visualise farm on smart charts

7 day &  48 Hour forecast for Irrigation requirement, Spray schedule & Crop growth.

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5. Notification & chat support

Get alerts and notifications for critical farm issues

Our cloud platform analyses millions of points to provide immediate actionable insights and alerts.
24x7 chat support to solve all your queries.​

Dashboard for Corporates

Manage farm, farmers & devices in one place


Send custom tasks, calendar plan and notifications based on real-time farm analytics for hundreds of farm in one place.

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