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Culture of Agriculture

Culture is the way the society accepts the role you play in the social hierarchy created. It is based on the way customs, traditions are handled depending on who you are or where you are from. Culture is developed from seeing higher generations such as parents, grandparents or their relatives grow up with these customs and follow through in honor of the tradition being followed.

Each culture plays its own role in helping the economic as well as social life of any country.

Farming has been part of staple Indian culture for many decades and continues to be a thriving lifestyle for people that live in rural remote areas. The basic food grains that we eat for lunch and dinner are cultivated in the fields by those who chose to live in the more desolate parts of India. They also maintain livestock, grazing the cows and providing for them. Each farmer must understand which grains are optimal in which climates, how the land is prepared differently depending on what they are planning to grow or what grains are higher in demand where the sales from those grains will give higher sales. They also try to investigate those which are short in supply to take advantage of the higher pricing point to generate higher revenue. Although farming occurs in more isolated areas, it is not isolated from the social culture itself and cannot be treated as purely technical subject of its own.

Farmers face their own hardships in terms of the unpredictably of the weather for their livelihood. It is also hard to gain access to the developing technology due to the higher price point as well as the rural urban differences. Among farming society itself they face issues with others such as time clashes as well as short supply of necessities.


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