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Survival via Nature Protection

Nature provides us with gifts like air, water, land, etc. Humans tend to forget how dependent we are on nature. Human practices focussing on development have largely ignored the importance of nature and the need for its conservation. With the recent efforts from various stakeholders, a sense of responsibility to care for nature is growing.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”

We don’t realize the importance of the things we are offered until we are deprived of them. Playing with nature has never gone down too well for mankind and only leads to drastic results for us. Whether it is a drought, flood, famine, etc.

We have brought these upon us by our actions.This will eventually lead us to be deprived of some of the basic amenities like food, water, etc. Development at the cost of food deciency is not acceptable to anyone. Still, there is no break from the uninterrupted works of development while neglecting its consequences on nature around us. Food production is affected by nature degradation in countless ways. Land quality declining, irregular rainfall patterns, soil degradation, etc. These allfactors along with the fact that the resources are limited will make it difficult for humans to continue having access to ample amounts of food. This scenario calls for action. Action to preserve nature. Action to improvise the current methods so that we have ample amount of food to survive.

The degradation of nature due to our actions must be brought to an end. Nature conservation is a process in this direction.

World Nature Conservation Day is a step towards protecting nature, aiming to create awareness about preserving the environment and natural resources to keep the world healthy and green.


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